Our in-depth industry knowledge, commercial acumen, aviation experience and connections create the ideal foundation for our Leasing, Sales and Acquisition services.

A turnkey lease plan can be an ideal solution for those looking to use an aircraft over a long period of time. We offer aircraft leasing on an ACMI basis or dry lease, as we find these more cost effective for the client than the bulk block hour agreements. Leasing an aircraft also allows you to upgrade the aircraft every few years without having to go through the sale process.

Before deciding, we will examine your travel profile and requirements to determine your best options in terms of leasing, chartering or aircraft ownership.

When it comes to acquiring an aircraft, it can be a complex decision as you navigate many options such as aircraft type, jurisdictions to register the aircraft, financing, maintenance facility options and your choice of airport base We will guide you through the entire process and, with our extensive experience, we will find an aircraft that best suits your needs.

If you are looking to sell, our sales team will advise you on the most tax efficient model, based on your aircraft’s registration and ownership structure. We will also ensure it is marketed through the right channels and sold at a price that is competitive.

When entrusted with a sale or acquisition, our dedicated team personally travels to inspect and vet aircraft in the market, meticulously scrutinizing maintenance records. This hands-on and thorough due diligence process is a hallmark of our service, necessitating an exclusive mandate with our clients. This ensures that we can devote our full attention and resources to deliver a personalized, comprehensive, and meticulously executed experience for every transaction.

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